Our manufacturing unit are located at MIDC, Mahad-Raigad, Maharashtra - zone, approximately at a distance of 170 km from Mumbai, accessible by National Highway. The unit is equipped with uninterrupted power and water supply.


We will ensure you are getting The Best Service & Accurate Results.

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The production facilities in the plant include:
Separate gas scrubbing system.
Reaction temperature -75 to 250 deg C.
Easy and regular availability of dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) and liquid nitrogen in cryo cans.
Supporting facilities : filtration, drying and vacuum drying
A fully integrated bulk multi-purpose production plant is currently being built.
Glass Lined Rectors 1KL-2 KL.
SS reactors 1KL - 2KL.
Glass assemblies – 50 L to 200 ltr.
Water jet ejector.
Chilling plant.
Thermopack Bolier.
Under vacuum & nitrogen packing line.
Gas scrubbing system
Glass assemblies with complete reaction, fractional, reflux & steam distillation, high vacuum distillation columns.